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I declare that I am kingdom financier big time #mydeclaration #israel #cemidwestzone

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The Lord is my glory and my head is lifted up. All my needs are supplied according to God’s riches in Christ Jesus #mydeclaration

#mydeclaration I declare that whatever I lay my hands on comes to life Am a life giving spirit people are coming to the rising of my light

Am a champion forever All things work for my Good peace & joy is mine Its my set time I live d supernatural life naturally #mydeclaration

#mydeclaration I declare that the wickedness of the wicked has ended in my life &family therefore,affliction will not arise against us again

#mydeclaration my children are taught by the Lord,they grow in grace and glory,10x better than the best of the rest.

#mydeclaration My God is forever great, faithful, merciful, powerful, and just!!! Glory to HIS name forever, in Jesus name. Amen!!!🙏

#mydeclaration My husband is blessed my children are blessed my sisters and brothers are blessed my mother is blessed and my business

I walk in the revelation of the word of God. #mydeclaration

I'm a tree planted by the river. My leaves will not dry...I will not fade with time. I will fulfill my calling #mydeclaration

The Christ-life works in every fibre of my being therefore I'm above only

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