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You want to build up your faith. Come Saturday. Glorrrry, position your life on the right course through the Word of God. #CECanada #CEDonvalley #TheLightHouse

You want to build up You want to build up

#adob #adobonline #ukzone2 #norwoodgroup #tooting Register at https://cutt.ly/a-day-of-bliss A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver

We are not writing off anyone

THE INNERCITY MISSION SETS UP NEW SOUP KITCHEN IN HONIARA, SOLOMON ISLAND 🇸🇧. As children resume school all around the world, many still have to battle hunger even in class. This is the case for children in Global International School and many other community schools in Honiara, Solomon Island. The InnerCity Mission in response to this pressing need has set up a functional soup kitchen in Global International School which caters to 200 children daily. We thank the Pastors and Partners in Christ Embassy Solomon Island for making this intervention a success. 🙏🙏 #BacktoSchool #EndChildPoveryNow #EveryChildIsYourChild

CHARIS. (Twenty): All through his speech, Armstrong had not been still. He would hop and lift his hands and spin and jump about and speak in, 'Tongues'. #ART2WIN

SOFT LIFE !!! 😍😍♥️

Happy birthday to you Pastor Nic sir, thank you so much for your exemplary leadership, you are the voice behind our accomplishments in ministry. We love you dearly.

Updated his profile photo

CHARIS. (Twenty-one): His stop-over at the doctor's lab right before attending the Mimshack leaders' meeting had not brought good news and shook him a bit from the start but having been edified by his leader his hope for his health was rekindled. #ART2WIN

Changing lives by the spirit of God #ceanthony1

Proverbs 22:29.

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