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I am a shining light, I am shining everywhere! #Glory

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Happening Now! Sinach Ministering! #singing# Jesus I love u! Shepherd of My soul......

Wow glory to God I am a shining light. Welcome to the month of August praise God thank you pastor. I am a burning light.

PASTOR: *if you spend your time with active and burning people you will be active and burning WELCOME TO THE MONTH OF THE SHINING LIGHT

Glorrryyyy our month of of shining light . #ewcavz4 #cejouvence #cebonaberi #vision400

August The month of the shining light... Glory to God,Am a shinning light and I glow for the world to see #CeKenyazone#Kingsclass3

Christianity is heaven on earth in the life of a human person......pastor chris et'al

C'est mon mois ou m lumière va briller par la puissance du st esprit.Je déclare que ma lumière brille dans tt ce que touche@isaacspreading

CE Chikanga Main is moving to greater heights

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