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There is a shout of victory in the camp of the saints. Gloooooory #celz1rocks #zonalvisitation #IKORODUisBIG

There is a shout of

Updated her profile photo

Updated her profile photo

Finishing the year super strong #celz1rocks #zonalvisitation #IKORODUisBIG


With a greatful heart I lift my hands to you proclaim that lord you reign!#cephzone2.

Glory!!! Happening in 50 churches across the Zone #celz1rocks #zonalvisitation #marylandgroup

NIGHT OF BLISS PORT HARCOURT DAILY PRAYER POST!! Manifestation of the Power of God at the Program/Impact of God’s word **Pray for the people to receive our gospel with understanding, and that as they listen, every resistance would be broken and they will yield completely to the power of the gospel. Pray for an outpouring of the fullness of God’s spirit at the venues (Matt 7:28, 13:54, Acts 8:6Acts 4:31, Matt 9:8) **Declare that unusual and creative miracles beyond any human imagination will be wrought through the release of God’s power in the course of the service. (Acts 6:8, 8:6, 19:11) **Pray for everyone to receive an understanding of the operations of the spirit and take advantage of that anointing present to receive their healing and miracles. Declare that lives will be transformed and that this divine impact will be for all time. (Luke 24:45) Weather **Thank God for serene and clement weather throughout the duration of the program. Pray that we will have favourable weather that will encourage people to attend and participate in the program. (James 5:17, Job 22:28) General Administration and Monitoring/Committee members **Pray for every laid down procedures to harness information and monitoring of work done, that these tools would be utilized effectively to produce maximum results for the program. (Pro 4:13, 6:23) **Pray for all the sub-committees handling various activities. That their work would be done through the spirit and sanctified by the Holy Ghost. (1Cor 12:18, 2Tim 2:21) **Pray for the planning and execution of this program, declare that excellence is at work in all the workers involved in the various aspects of the planning. Utmost attention is given to every detail even as they are led by the Spirit to ensure its success #Cephzone2 #NOBPHZ2

Celebrating a Precious sister and friend! Happy Birthday Dear Pastor Cynthia! Ever so inspiring, kind hearted, insightful and astute! Its 1000 times greater in grace and glory I love you dearly❤❤❤

It's going to be an amazing experience, so life-changing #celz1rocks #zonalvisitation #IKORODUisBIG

Behold His glory everywhere #celz1rocks #zonalvisitation #IKORODUisBIG

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