Deacon Bright Eweka: BLW Security Dept reviewing Power on KingsChat Web

BLW Security Dept reviewing Power of Your Mind, a special life-transforming book by our Man of God, during its weekly prayer meeting. #POYM

BLW Security Dept reviewing Power BLW Security Dept reviewing Power

FRIDAY 15 APRIL 2016 PRAYER POINT: OUR PASTORS AND LEADERS Declare that in the various Christ Embassy chapters, utterance is given to the Zonal Pastors, Group Pastors, Church Pastors, Deaconry and other leaders that they would communicate the vision for this programme effectively resulting in an overwhelmingly high response and involvement of the brethren in making the programme a success. (Romans 15:29, Romans 1:11).

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BLW Security members reviewing The Power of Your Mind during their weekly prayer meeting. Transformation in progress. Glory!!!!

Pastor, you have blessed my life. happy birthday sir.....i love you sir.

I Refuse to be in d "grumpy group" #TPOYM #cewarrizone #church4

My family re blessed and protected. Dad, mum, Ike, peace, caro, favour, cosine, ifeoma. I bless u all

Partnership is cooperation #kg #blwghzone

I owe no man but I owe Everyman love. #CEOWERRI #SSVZ4

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anything you see in the physical realm was birth in the spiritual #blwghzone #kg

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