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Happy birthday to my Awesomely Amazing Deaconess❤️ You are one of a kind. An embodiment of wisdom and grace, always full of the Spirit and ever so passionate for souls! Thank you for being a channel of blessing to so many! I love you so much ❤️ Happy Birthday! Keep soaring higher and higher ! It’s a special year of fulfillment ! ❤️🎊🎉💕🎈🤗 @amazingaijay #peeayforever #cephzone1 #grace

Happy birthday to my Awesomely
Dcns Ij Madumere


Amen. Thank you sir. I love you sir


Happy birthday to my role model, mother and mentor, a good example of motherhood, excellent, perfect and diligent. I love you so dearly ma. God bless you #PGM1013 #celebratinggracefulpgb #PGB1013 #CEJOS #NCZ1

An Awesome Foundation School Graduation Ceremony! The Foundation School Graduation Ceremony of Christ Embassy Ibadan North which held on Sunday, the 11th of October,2020, was a stupendous success. The students, visibly excited to be graduating after being rigorously taken through the very robust Foundation School Curriculum of the LoveWorld Nation, had so much to celebrate. A significant high point of the event came when two of the graduating students shared some of what they learnt during the course of the Foundation School Training with the congregation with so much confidence, fluency and coherency, causing the congregation to erupt in continuous applause and marvel at the excellence the students displayed. The esteemed Group Pastor,Pastor Light Morafa, while ministering, charged the students to be good ambassadors of Christ and of the LoveWorld Nation. He prayed for them and imparted several graces and abilities as he laid hands on them. Awards and various recognitions were given to the most outstanding students. Beautiful memories of the occasion will no doubt linger in the hearts of the students for a long time to come. #fdsgraduation #ceibnfds2020 #foundationschool2020 #ceibadannorth #swz1 #swr

Celebrating "A PERFECTION OF BEAUTY", our most amazing, beautiful and lovely zonal mother. We love you dearly ❤ Hip... hurray!!!!🎊🎊🎊🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉🎈

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It’s been 13years... still on my mind. At this exact time 13 years ago it seemed like my world stood still but truly the Lord is gracious and Kind! Today we are still sharing the power of this great kingdom and the glory of Our King! We just learnt from Pastor Chris that we don’t have much time on this side of heaven, and that means we will be seeing in the skies soon.... rest on❤️ #isaacrowland #livingrose #jesus #houseofudeaku #peeayforever

#PGM1013 #celebratinggracefulpgb #PGB1013 #CEJOS #NCZ1

#PGM1013 #celebratinggracefulpgb #PGB1013 #CEJOS #NCZ1

There is no imperfection with God because everything He does is forever. PERFECTION is God's nature that makes me flawless, without defects. Alleluia! Thank you, Sir, for making our lives count, even as we take responsibility for others in our world #WordFest #cemidwestzone #mega

#PGM1013 #celebratinggracefulpgb #PGB1013 #CEJOS #NCZ1

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