Tendayi: Im nt trying 2 tickle on KingsChat Web

Im nt trying 2 tickle your fancy, Im showing u who u r. Faith does not deny the fact. Faith changes it. - Pastor Tony Aduroja #greatukzone2

Im nt trying 2 tickle

Wow! Wow! Wow! Faith convention 2017 is a now possession of God's given blessings to my life. #FCUYO2017 #SS2VZ2

Happy happy exaulting birthday Pastor KOBBY. I luv luv love u so dearly. Thank you for all you are to the body of Christ. #pstkobby1106

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Happy birthday dear Sis Mercy It will continually be from Glory to Glory I love you specially

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Indeed you are a man full of the Holy Ghost. We celebrate your love for God and the body of Christ. #pstkobby1106

When we pray, God hears our prayers. When he hears, he answers our prayers. I am set for GOPC. #GOPC #setforGOPC

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