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#prayingnow there’s no shortage in my life, but completeness. #mydeclaration

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I fulfil my purpose in God unhindered, helper to my world, light unto every darkness, wisdom to every confusion. #mydeclaration

My children are blessed in all things,they are super intelligent, they d are best in their school,doing great things 4 christ#mydeclaration

#My declaration Am working in Supernatural supply,insight,strength,ability,wisdom,knowledge and health.

I declare God has called me to amend lives of many ,am bringing good news to street children allover the will be so#mydeclaration.

#mydeclaration, the lines are falling unto me in pleasant places, there is a speed of light in every aspect of my life. Iroabuchi onyi

#prayerpoint The proposal I submitted to Arbico PLC...should be reviewed and approved...I should get a favourable response from them...

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#mydeclaration i declare an uninterrupted supernatural change in all ramifications of my life. A change that is so significant in Jesus name

I prosper in every thing,I am the solution to my nation in Jesus name

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