LoveWorld News: HAPPENING NOW!!! Deaf ears pop on KingsChat Web

HAPPENING NOW!!! Deaf ears pop open, cancers healed as Pastor Chris ministers in the power of the Spirit. As the scriptures say, "the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it;" this scripture came alive as Pastor Chris called for those with one deaf ear to put a finger in it, while he cast out the spirit of deafness. Instantly, many in the audience began to hear from ears that had not worked before. Watch now on CeFLIX, Pastor Chris Online, LoveWorldSAT, LoveWorld Plus, LoveWorld TV UK, LoveWorld USA, LTM Networks and more. Read More >> #PastorChrisatBHM #PastorChrisinBHM

HAPPENING NOW!!! Deaf ears pop HAPPENING NOW!!! Deaf ears pop HAPPENING NOW!!! Deaf ears pop HAPPENING NOW!!! Deaf ears pop HAPPENING NOW!!! Deaf ears pop

Ephesians 4:13a KJ Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God,

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God got you

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He prays for the President of America blessing the land of America. The blessing remains in the land.

Pastor Chris declares a blessing over the United States of America: I pray for the United States of America ... We see more Increase! We see more Glory! We see the power of God like never before! Lord, Your word will be heard like never before! I bless this land! #PCliveatBhm #CEIntlCanada

Ephesians 4:13b KJV unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:

We pray that President Trump will be filled with the Holy Ghost! The Obama era is over. We decree that Jesus be the man at the White House

Every good morning belongs to our Good Lord Jesus Christ

Transmitting Live on LoveWorld ASIA, LoveWorld Euro and LoveWorld MENA, LoveWorld Internet Radio and LTM Web TV The Man of God prays specially for the United States of America. Miracles are happening already The Man of God ministering in Benny Hinn Ministries Log on to You can also tune in to watch using the following parameters: Y1A(52.5E) TP7 EUROPE , FREQ 11843, SYMRATE: 27500, MODULATION: DVBS2/8PSK, FEC: 2/3. POL:V You can also log on to Follow this SuperUser for more updates #Pclive #Bhm #Pcl #Bcl

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