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Glorrrry! I'm ready to make power available to cause change.

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I am ready!

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16 DAYS UP TO GFMC 🏃🏃🏃 PRAYER GUIDE FOR GOOD FRIDAY MIRACLE CRUSADE WITH PASTOR AMAECHI UDEAKU, MARCH 25th 🙌 Logistics & Organization • Pray concerning the logistics of the program, Declare that as we interact with different vendors and service providers to procure the different services and facilities we need for the program we are supernaturally favoured, and the lines are fallen to us in pleasant places. We get all things we require by free course unhindered. at the best prices, rates and conditions • Pray for all our activities leading to the success of this program; declare perfection in all we do and everything will prosper exceedingly and will be excellently executed. Affirm that God’s breath is upon our strategies, logistics and plans. • Declare that everything will be done perfectly and in order, as directed by the Spirit of God. Pray that God’s grace will be on The Committee and Everyone to excellently perform their tasks according to the pattern shown to them. thank God for divine and intense favor from every contractor, service provider and even artisans that will be working for the program • Pray for every vendor and their personnel that they function with the highest standards of operation and they will be guided by God’s Spirit as they carry out their function and role in the delivery of all aspect of the program (Psalms 32:8). • Pray and declare God’s favor on every logistics & transportation arrangement being organized for the program declare safety and divine protection against theft or any form of mishap on any route through which people will be travelling to the program and back to their destinations (Psalm 91:1, 2Thess 3:2). Impact of God’s word. All Officials - (The Ministers, Choir, Ushers/ Counselors, Medical Aides, Protocol, Marshals, Venue manager, Traffic controllers, Decoration/ Stage Set Team, \Technical etc.) • Pray that as the various ministrations by the Choir takes place, the life of every person will be transformed, doubts quelled and also, that as the Ushers/Counselors and other officials minister in their various capacities, miracles will be wrought and God’s presence would fill the entire arena (2 Chron 5:14-15). • Pray for our officials to know what to do at every point in time, and also pray that their input before, during and after the program will yield great and outstanding results (Prov 24:14). • Also declare that, as preparations and trainings are in top gear for the program, there will be a fresh unction of the Spirit before, during and after the program. • Pray for souls in Rivers State, declare that this is their time of salvation, declare that every veil over their eyes and hearts restricting the penetration of Gods love and grace is taking away ,declare their set time to hear ,understand and accept the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ • Pray that all around the Rivers state, men’s hearts are open to receive the message of the gospel and be converted. Declare that angels of salvation are dispatched to every town around river state, and the preaching of our gospel is heralded by an abundant harvest. • Pray for the word of God to gain mighty entrance into their hearts and that they will receive the word with gladness and understanding (Eph 1:18). • Pray and take dominion over every spirit that may have kept them in bondage; that the demonstration of God’s power they experience at the program, will break such yoke of delusion causing the eyes of their understanding to be opened and speedily become part of our great vision in Christ Embassy (Acts 2:41-47). • Pray for the salvation of unsaved souls coming in for the program. Declare that it will be an eternal and unforgettable experience that would mark the beginning of their new life in Christ • Pray that through this program every mechanism of evil (political maneuvers, unbelief, fear, religion, occultism etc) be dismantled completely in our cities and upon the people, and that our gospel will continue to prevail mightily. • Attendance target of at least 1, 000,000. • Declare that by God's spirit we are surpassing the target, we have angelic activities working with us to achieve and surpass it. • All our publicity effort, our call centers & follow up efforts and transportation plan is backed up by Gods spirit to cause the desired result in our attendance. • Pray concerning our invitees and everyone who receives the information about the program that God’s Spirit stirs their hearts even right now; declare that we will receive positive responses from all of them and on the 10th of April 2020, there will be traffic on our all our streaming portals and a great harvest will be brought into the Kingdom. • Pray that every unchurched and unsaved individual who is invited for the program will have a strong desire for a change, even before the program and this desire will propel them to come for the program and as they come their lives would be transformed . #cephzone1 #gfmc2020 #gfmcphz1

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Updated his profile photo

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