Pastor Odion Oyarero: Happy birthday Pastor Sir. Congratulations on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday Pastor Sir. Congratulations sir.

Happy birthday Pastor Sir. Congratulations

You know, Moses didn't just wake up one morning to refusing to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter & to enjoy the "seeming" blessings of Egypt; some1 Faithfully did her job well that's why Moses grew up focused. #BeFaithful

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IPPC IN MY CITY @ CE PORT HARCOURT ZONE 1 Grand Finale - Awards We are all winners! Delegates from across the zone were wrapped up in the ecstatic moment, basking in the euphoria of the victories in this year of the supernatural, 10 in 1. The awards tonight were in different categories, but everyone rejoiced at the conquest of another... 1 wins, everyone wins. Hallelujah! #cephzone1 #TheHappyChurch #ceph1ippc #ippc2018

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#ippc #australiavzone

It's finally here and let the accolades begin to pour in. #Vision25 #CELZ4 #PJA25

Happy Birthday Our dear esteemed Pastor Joe. #Vision25 #pja25 #celz4 #celebratingafather

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Happy birthday sis Oum the glory of the Lord is all over you.Continue to bask and feast on his Word and your life will be an unending stream of the supernatural.Ten in one,# your life is upward and forward only!#CEQC_VZ#CECR

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