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They {Central Group) have made the ZONE shine until 2019...... Now, there are new kids on the block . 2020 who will be the winner??? #UKZONE2

They {Central Group) have made
mark gomez


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Pastor Uju Nwafor





We will still be the WINNER!!!


We opened our eyes from praying to see 👀 Our Most Esteemed Sec Gen Pst Kay Adesina in our church!!!! We are soooooo blessed!! THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH SIR for starting us off a new ministry year in a blaze of GLORY 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #cestrestham #ukr2z3

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Happy birthday dearest Pastor Henry Saiki You are indeed a blessing to us all. A burning and shinning light you are. It's from Glory to Glory, Grace to Grace and faith to faith. We love you dearly.

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Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor Henry. Thank you for always radiating the beauty of God in you to everyone you come in contact with... Enjoy your new level sir

#YOURLOVEWORLD December 9-11 on all Loveworld Networks! 🙌🏼

#ippcinyourcity2019 #zppc2019 #photospeaks #ceilorin1 #awards #ippc2019 #ippcinyourcity #ncvz2 #nnregion @PastorLan #loveworldnation #thankyoupastorchris

🏆😃💝Celebrating my victories, Celebrating a glorious Year of Lights. Thank you to my Highly Esteemed Pastor (TLB) for the legendary push. I'm PROVOKE for 2019 #cebayelsaAwards #CEBAYELSA #TLB

Indeed these makes 2018's look like child's play. Glory be to God. 2020 is already a much more glorious year.

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