FLAWLESS PBecca-Wealth Autarkeia😚💃: Glorious time of d word,worship on KingsChat Web

Glorious time of d word,worship & d miraculous!10q PASTOR!10q CEO 4 taking me wit U!See where 4lo-follow has brought me!I go dey 4lo dey go!

Glorious time of d word,worship Glorious time of d word,worship Glorious time of d word,worship

Gov Rumbi on Effective Partnership (Growing in Your Partnership and in Giving) #blwhammersmith #ukzones2

I'm a Burning and ShinningLight 😎💃💃

HIGHLIGHTS: 5 Solid Facts of the Gospel. Pastor says, "these are my cogitations, these are my Sunesis" 1. The New Birth and Eternal Life. Eternal life is a fact and the new birth is a fact. When you come into Christ , you receive Salvation. John 3:16, 2 Corinthians 5:17, 1John 5:11-12 2. The Righteousness of God is a Fact. The righteousness of God is the will and nature of the father. It is divinity manifested in humanity - the God life and love expressed. We are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus - The unveiling of His glory. 3. The dominion of Christ. He has given us dominion over all things and therefore Christ reigns in us. Philipians 2:5 4. The Fellowship of the Spirit is a fact. Always speak in tongues and stir up the power in you as you fellowship with the Spirit. We have the best widely spread daily devotional in the world because of the fellowship of the Spirit. 5. The Ascension of Christ and the Promise of His return. Act 1:8 Jesus levitated from the earth into the Clouds and into Heaven and promised to come back again. Anyone who doesn't believe in the resurrection is not a Christian. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the birth of Christianity.

Hot prayer session post lunch. #ZCLC UKZone2 #blwnorthampton


Happy birthday dearest Pastor Lola,u're v.special to me.Thank u 4 ur love,kindness & impactful life.I love u sooo much.Keep flourishing😍🎂


Teens outreach CE BEKPOTA EWCAVZ2


ONE ZONE, 23 LOCATIONS! IT'S THE UK ZONE 2 CELL LEADERS CONFERENCE 2017 - SATURDAY 27th JANUARY 2017. Pastors, Deaconary & Leaders of BLW UK Zone 2, are being equipped for an effective cell ministry and growth in the Year of Flourishing in their catchment area.

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