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#Powerful service!

#Powerful service!

Sowing seeds for my future and receiving all that the spirit of God has in store for me in this service #moneyconference #blwzonej

I am so expectant I am going to learn the word of God for myself & using this word to impact my world. Glory to God!#BLWZONEJMONEYCONFERENCE

Yummy stuff. John4:10AMP #Countuptomybirthday #silinganation #BTSeffect #witschurch

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I know who I am

Faith Convention: My location does not determine my prosperity - Pastor Biodun Lawal #cebeninzone1 #bz1faithconvention

When God wants to stop a man in his tracks He makes him collide with me #anomwithpza #pza #edonorthandedocentral

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The economic situation in Zimbabwe is working together for my good: yea in all these things I am more than a conqueror #cesazone5

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