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Updated her profile photo


Your page is lovely , I have a business proposition for you ! If you are interested just give it a shot by sending me a dm 🤝


I am ready for transfomations and impactation. Glory to God

We are set for the word at #dayofblisswithPN Glory #cebonaberi #ewcaz4

25th July - 31 Days 7 Times Daily Dear Father, I thank You for Your life that’s at work in me, in every fibre of my being, in every cell of my blood and in every bone of my body. My whole being is immune to death, decay, and the corrupting influences in the world! My path is the path of life, righteousness, joy, gladness and peace forevermore. I walk in the light of my justification, rejoicing in the life of glory and righteousness in Christ! Having been justified by faith, I have peace with God, absolved of all guilt, free to live and serve the Lord joyously, and gloriously, in Jesus’ Name. I affirm that I am an answer from God! Christ has settled and made His home in my heart by faith, therefore, the very quality of His personality, His beauties and graces are evident in, and expressed through me. My life is excellent and full of glory because I am continually filled with the Spirit. I am a seed of Abraham, and by extension, the possessor of all things. I am blessed beyond measure, and everything consistent with the glorious life: righteousness, peace, joy, progress, success, fruitfulness, productivity and a life of glory are my birthrights. I function from a vantage position of boldness, audacity, and victory in Christ Jesus, where I do not struggle but enjoy a blissful life of success, and an unending stream of the miraculous. I’ve been chosen and ordained for the supernatural life in Christ! This is my heritage in the Lord, I am a lifter and a giver; I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! I am triumphant in my going out and in my coming in. Blessed be God. Hallelujah!  #dspukzone3 #talkingsessions #31days

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#WECUKwithPastorChris Unstoppable for Jesus the unexpected is about to happen #radical soul winner #ceUkZone3

Illuminating Your World Conference in Tarkwa, Ghana. These are the last days, the harvest is plenteous and the labourers (GYLF ambassadors) are plenteous and we won't stop until we illuminate every city on earth with the Gospel. We are the answers to Mattew 9:38. Ambassador Ernest Mimshach organised this inspiring conference to win more young people to Christ and disciple them for the work of the ministry. The conference started with a special time of praise and spirited worship to prepare the hearts of the students to receive the word. The students listened to 'Unlocking the Hero Inside' a special message by the highly esteemed Director of the GYLF, Pastor Deola Philips which exposed the attendees to the enourmous potentials God deposited inside them and how they can put it to maximum use to impact their world. The lead ambassador, Ernest Mimshach specially ministered the word of God to the students and over 600 of them received salvation. Glory! He also ministered to some students with specific health issues and several of them received their miracles. Copies of Teevo was distributed to the students and GYLF clubs was established for all the new members incorporated into the forum at the program. The conference was a highly successful one as destinies have been changed forever. Thank God for the GYLF! GYLF, we are taking over! #GYLFGHANA #GYLF

Everybody shout I got something to shout about #DayofblisswithPN Glory #cebonaberi #ewcaz4

W E C......Reaching Out To The World With God's Love to Save Men from Hell #WECUKwithPastorChris #PastorBenny #LWUKzone4

I’m Alive, I’m Incorruptible, Indestructible And Imperishable! Click here to listen to the audio 👉 👉👉 👉👉 👉

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