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Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Happy Birthday Dear Sister Kay. Thank you for your zeal in ensuring that the Gospel and the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ continue to move forward. You’re favored and blessed , a fruitful field and a daughter of consolation indeed. Great Grace abounds towards you. Much love 💕

Happy Birthday beloved Sister Chinyere . Thanks for all you do in the house of the Lord, especially your work regarding Communion Service preparation. Great grace abounds towards you as you celebrate more glorious years ahead. Enjoy a beautiful year of preparation. I love you ❤️


JOBS LOCATE KINGS!!! -Rev Ken Oyakhilome Believe in yourself as a product of God God never made anything that failed! Kings don't look for a Job, Jobs look for them. Stop looking for Job, ask Jobs to look for you All these good things that the gentiles seek after, to you a child of God they gravitates towards you. When you become excellent, when you have solution, men will sought for you! Be a solution provider! Anybody will pay you anything for a solution. Question: WHAT DO YOU HAVE? Money pursues a man that is Solution oriented. Stop chasing money. A wealthy man brings forth money. SAY "Money is meeting another money in my account. I will never be broke any day of my life. All my needs are met. I live in the surplus!" Even if you don't have enough to get something done, you will get it for free. SAY "What the world needs I have. Praise God!" Are you aware, Fame will follow someone who has solution? Stop using your faith to get small things. Use it to get solution, that ten years from now, someone wants it. God has placed eternity in our heart. There is nothing we can not produce! The visions God gives you will be solution oriented, when you meditate on success. The Holy Ghost becomes your partner when your mind has become a solution center. WHAT CAN YOU PRODUCE? The world is not after your certificate! What can you DO? Be the man who without him they can do nothing! SAY I give birth to opportunity by myself! I AM A SOLUTION by MYSELF! I AM A TRENDY SOLUTION to my WORLD! The world needs people who are PRODUCING results for TODAY and the FUTURE not for the pAST. In the world we live today, many people who didn't go beyond secondary school, they employ professionals. Its not in the degree or certificate. Its not by mighty nor by power, its not by beauty or by handsomeness. Its not by eloquence, its by the SPIRIT of God. CREATE a SOLUTION. STAY RELEVANT. TRUE SUCCESS is FINDING a NEED and Meeting IT. That problem you keep seeing might just be the OPPORTUNITY, have you thought of creating a SOLUTION? Say I AM SOLUTION to my World, the answer to the cry of my generation because I CAME, CHANGE has COME #jobslocatekings #graceadvantage #revkenoyakhilome

Congratulations AyoB on your graduation from Duke Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University with a stellar performance. You are truly a fulfilment of prophecy. In 2000, a the Word was spoken, "She is Super Intelligent and shall excel in all her endeavours" Pastor Chris. You have lived up to that word since you were born. You have always broke limits and constantly raised the bar. Thanks for standing firm on the Word of God that we have received. Keep shinning and making Lasting Impact everywhere you go. How did you do it.. Grace. Grace. Grace. We love you dearly. Ore. Mom & Dad.

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