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We are Supernatural.. Doing Supernatural things naturally.. What a way to start our day and week.. #StaffPrayerDay #Cewarrizone #I'mAlive

We are Supernatural.. Doing Supernatural We are Supernatural.. Doing Supernatural We are Supernatural.. Doing Supernatural We are Supernatural.. Doing Supernatural We are Supernatural.. Doing Supernatural

HIS TRUTH IS MARCHING ON! The Campus Pastors and Leaders Fire Conference came to a conclusion with More laborers hauled into the harvest at the CPLFC 2018 Ordination Service; 33 new Chapter Pastors were ordained having undergone a comprehensive Pastoral Nominees training course and completed the newly introduced online program. 7 new Group Chapter Pastors were appointed. 8 new BLW Church Pastors (2nd tier Church Zone) were commissioned and posted with missionaries to pioneer new Churches in Lagos and some new cities. - There was also some new appointments- of two new Zonal Secretaries. - The birthing/creation of a new Zone- BLW Zone L with the Zonal office in Calabar (UNICAL); and -Some transfers/New postings which were announced by the Highly Esteemed CMD to a thunderous and ecstatic reception by all. We are on fire and we have started early. It’s ACTION TIME NOW! #Cplfc2018live #Blwcampusministryrocks

Oh what joy to fellowship with one another #StaffPrayerDay #cewarrizone

Happy Supernatural Birthday my lil brother Oghenekaro Osumaka. I Celebrate God goodness and favour in your life.

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Lola. Thank you so very much for all you do in ministry. God bless you.

What an Awesome Service yesterday in CC1 D/Line #cc1dline #cephzone3 #supernatural

DAY 2 - 8 DAYS OF MEDITATION Download the full outlinehere: http://bit.ly/8dom2018 Plan to devote 15-25 minutes of your time to the 8 Days of Meditation guide, it'll assist you in immersing yourself into the provisions of the Spirit in 2018 and also help you establish a routine of special times with the Lord, to be carried into rest of the year. The video for day 2 of 8 Days of Meditation is available on the Pastor Chris Digital Library. Visit: https://pcdl.co #CELVZ #8dom2018

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#cekenyazone #Globalstaffprayerday

IMPORTANT INFORMATION The 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting starts from 1st of February - 21st of February, 2018 For more details follow us on this super user.   #NightofBlissOwerri #withPastorJohn #Feb23 #supernatural

Victorious #staffprayerday #blwintl

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