The Pleroma: All this Questions are set on KingsChat Web

All this Questions are set to be answered on the 21st of July @the most anticipated Self employed Convention

All this Questions are set All this Questions are set All this Questions are set


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PRECIOUS WORDS FROM OUR DEAR MAN OF GOD, REV.(DR.) CHRIS OYAKHILOME AT THE ONGOING #LPCUK2018 * Rise up and move onto the glory. Do not live the life of servitude or that of a nepios according to Galatians 4:1 * It's a sign of maturity when you can make the right decision for God - Galatians 4:2-3 *You're alive to God. Don't hold on to sin. Leave whatever or whoever shakes your relationship with Christ. (Romans 6:11) *Sin does not have dominion over you. You are in Christ! Not under the law but under Grace. (Romans 6:14) * You are untouchable because you are in Christ. * The power and presence of God is in this place. Healings took place (yesterday) and will continue today because the power of God is falling like the rain. * Read the word! It'll promote you in life and put you over. Glory to God! [ Source: LoveWorld TV Superuser ] #CEPHZONE3

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