Joyce Bibi Maxwell: Happy Birthday Ma, it's new on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday Ma, it's new level of a thousand times greater. Greater works you do in God's Kingdom. A deep force to be reckoned with. We love you dearly. #pagho110 #celebratingexceptionalism #cemidwestzone #cewarrisouth #blueelite

Happy Birthday Ma, it's new Happy Birthday Ma, it's new Happy Birthday Ma, it's new


Happy birthday ma, more blessings

Bibi Maxwell


From Glory to Glory

Happy Birthday Pastor, Esteemed Pastor Aghogho Osaro Okhions. We celebrate God's Grace and your loyalty to our highly esteemed zonal pastor. Increase grace ma. We love you dearly. #pagho110 #celebratingexceptionalism #cemidwestzone #cewarrisouth #blueelite

Happy Birthday Ma, Esteemed Pastor Aghogho Osaro Okhions. You are intelligent and kind boss. We celebrate you always. We love you dearly. #pagho110 #celebratingexceptionalism #cemidwestzone #cewarrisouth #blueelite

Your been blessed is based on your acknowledgment of your Spiritual possession andย  not based on the physical or earthly possession. It's what you know you have in the spirit realm that will manifest in the physical realm. 2 cor 4:18 Happy Independence Nigeria #wordlounge

Speak forth peace and prosperity into every facet of our national life. #prayingnow #ReachOut

He called us He separate us He predestinates us N justifies us He sanctify us then Glorify us That's Christ for the world today.... #storiesthatouch #holygang #PstChrisBreed ...@Ezefilz

We continue to celebrate hope and our possibilities as a nation... Happy independence o'Nigeria!

Nigeria is a great Nation with great people & a great future. Together we can make it even greater by being a part of the Nation Building process. Be positive. Be patriotic. Be tolerant. Beautiful Nigeria--the Pride of Africa. God loves Nigeria. Happy #IndependenceDay!

Happy Birthday Pastor Ma, Esteemed Pastor Aghogho Okhions. We celebrate excellent, insight of God's Word. Thank you ma for immerse contribution to our care group. We love you dearly..#pagho110 #celebratingexceptionalism #consummatecaregroup #cemidwestzone #cewarrisouth #blueelite

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Happy Birthday to our dearest pastor Chris Okoro Youโ€™re indeed an amazing pastor. Thank you for making Ogunu Church stand out. You are so selfless and we appreciate you Sir. We love you sir. Edjeba Group. ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’— #cewarriministrycentre #edjebagroup

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