Bunmi: Congrats Darling Sis Mary on on KingsChat Web

Congrats Darling Sis Mary on your Traditional Wedding!

Congrats Darling Sis Mary on Congrats Darling Sis Mary on Congrats Darling Sis Mary on Congrats Darling Sis Mary on Congrats Darling Sis Mary on

Thanks to all who worked at the site. Looking forward to the next stage #springmilezengineeringcompany

The Generals have Landed! 🙌🏼The arrival of God's battle axes for the most epochal event of the season is here #TBWC2017 #newyorkmegalopolis

*Super Sunday* Saturday Prayer Points 1. Pray that there will be a demonstration of excellence and order in the preparations for this program and that no aspect of the planning will be neglected. Pray for the organisation and planning, that it will be far more excellent than previous meetings we have ever had. Declare that we receive all that the Spirit of God has desired to communicate and impart to us in this special program. (Haggai 2:9, 1Cor 14:4) 2. Declare that through this program, every member of our church will be inspired afresh and they will receive a new zeal to run faster with the vision of the ministry. (Hab 2:2,3) 3. Pray for the outpouring of God’s power that would cause a definite transformation in the lives of everyone to do greater and mightier works for the kingdom (2 Cor 3:18). 4. Declare that as a result of Super Sunday, our brethren are not only strengthened and established, new visions are birthed in their spirits and they come out as financial giants ready to do exploits for the kingdom. (Rm 1:11) 5. Pray that as our leaders sit under such a strong unction during the Program, they are better positioned and their spirits conditioned to receive supernatural harvests and unusual doors of opportunities are open to them both in ministry and their businesses. Testimonies will abound to the glory of God! (Ps 45:1) #CEUKVZ2 #LOVEZONE #SuperSunday2017 #VISION400

Being born again, God doesn't expect you to run your with sense knowledge Faith. #CEPHZONE2 #JEOWEARS #AmaWordAddict

My faith is active and it prevails because it's based on spiritual knowledge. #CEPHZONE2 #JEOWEARS #AmaWordAddict

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Thank u pastor sir, for the grace ur bestow in us, we love u, happy birthday

Expectations are high!

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