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***TEENS IGNITE UPDATES*** Multitudes of teenagers rushed out to give their hearts to Christ at the Christ Embassy Uromi Teens Ignite program. #Edonorthandedocentral

CE Rustenburg Teens Swagger Sunday FALA Star Winner Karen Musodza rocking it for Jesus. #flourishingwithswag #cesazone1 #sunninghillgroup

If the cloud be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth. Amen #CEUKVZ4ZC

Happy birthday PSK. I celebrate your beautiful heart. Thank you for being ever so loving and kind. I love you dear friend. Enjoy!

End child poverty now.Remember every child is your child #blwzoneefooddrive


Great Outreach!!! Over 80 Persons In Attendance! #Flourish cell #CeAirptRdChurch ln Cephzone1.

Please permit me to flood your timeline today because the hour has come a successful programme that we have been waiting for. #CEUKVZ4ZC

Hiya!The word of God is a thriller #blwzoneefooddrive

CE Rustenburg Swagger Sunday As the spirit takes over Teens Souls. #flourishingwithswagg #sunninghillgroup #cesazone1

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