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Updated his profile photo

Happy birthday esteemed Deacon Sir. I Love you.

My lord is good

Happy Birthday pastor, I love you sir

Tomorrow is going to be life changing. Get ready, clear your schedule & get your spirit ready for all road lead to this meeting!!! #euvz2

Soul winning #PastorJoyspecialsquad. I won this soul, she was writing her details and would be in church this Sunday.

Global Soulwinning Day Testimonies Following the directives of our man of God, Pastor Chris, GYLF Ambassador Ajiero Elizabeth reached out to football players in the city of Kumba, Cameroon, on World Soul Winning Day. Read her testimony below: I'm a motivational speaker, and I motivate and maximise the talents of youths especially in my community. For this team of footballers I visited, God lead me to their Junior team to start up a cell. The junior team alone has a total number of 50 individuals. When it was announced that we had a day of evangelism, I said to myself, this an opportunity to minister to those youths and have an outreach with them, and I did just that. I noticed that they lacked a lot of equipment and needed some financial help, so I took this opportunity to visit the whole team (made up of 150 youth) to minister to them, and also support their team with an amount of money every month to help them buy footballs. During my ministration on the global soulwinning day, 70 of the footballers gave their hearts to Christ. Their coach testified that this was the first time a young teenager has ever supported their team and  he was so grateful. Some of the youth that gave their hearts to Christ now fellowship with us in Christ Embassy. Praise God. Ajiero Elizabeth Kumba, Cameroon Follow the Christ Embassy SoulTracker SuperUser account, also share your personal testimonies and pictures by sending a mail to #blwglobalsoulwinningday

Happy Birthday Esteemed Bro Ifeanyi Agwunobi.Thank you for your commitment & passion for the gospel and all that you do in the house of God

We are only 2 weeks away from youth camp #summercamp2017 #CEScarb

Updated his profile photo

This is no time to sit down camp is in 2 weeks!!! #summercamp2017 #CEScarb

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