Ogbofemini Greatness Jude: *Dívíɳҽ 卄ealtɧ Cσnfҽssiσɳs* November 22nd, on KingsChat Web

*Dívíɳҽ 卄ealtɧ Cσnfҽssiσɳs* November 22nd, 2020 The Lord is my light and my salvation. He is my health, strength, wisdom, life, and stay. I dwell in His secret place; therefore, I am shielded from all evil and corrupting influences of this world. Daily, the Word of God gains ascendancy in me, causing my body to respond and conform only to what it says. On the basis of this Word, I declare that I am preserved in my going out and in my coming in. No disease, sickness, or infection can fasten itself to my body. Blessed be His Name! #enterthehealingschool #healingschool #Healingstothenations

*Dívíɳҽ 卄ealtɧ Cσnfҽssiσɳs* November 22nd,


#CEKemptonPark #SAZone2 #CEChildrensMinistry

Happy birthday to esteemed pastor Kay. We love you sir. Dcn Austine and family.

Happy Birthday Pastor Kay. I love you. I bless God for you.

CELEBRATING OUR PARTNERS THAT MADE IT TO THE GLOBAL TOP 100 RHAPSODY PARTNERS💥🔥🏅🏆🏆 1)Brother Raymond and Sister Adedayo Omamor 2)Brother Osas and Sister Nana Emovon 3)Sister Amanda Ebagua 4)Brother Mark Ugorji 5)Pastor Bolaji and Pastor Adesuwa Akinboro 6)Brother Tope Akinyemi 7)Pastor Ken and Sister Mabel Irhiogbe 8)Deacon Frederick and Deaconess Nike Ogu 9)Sister Khadijat Blake 10)Pastor Faith Vedelago 11)Sister Ndadilnasiya Endie Waziri 12)Brother Uwadileke and Sister Patience Anaele Congratulations💃💃💃💃💃 #CEMCAbuja

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Happy birthday to our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor. You're indeed full of liquid love sir, an exceptional Father, full of compassion and humility. Pastor sir I love you dearly! Happy birthday sir. #PKA2211 #PKALIQUIDLOVE #PKAPERFECTION

#UKZONE2 #ippc2020

The Name of Jesus, no other like his!!!!!! 💯 The Name of Jesus, higher than other name. How Majestic is your name🤴🏾 #UKZone2 #Northamptongroup #LWWellingborough #LoveWorldWellingborough

Celebrating my beloved and highly esteemed Pastor sir thank you sir for the teachings guidance and mentoring unto perfection through the years. I'm eternally grateful Happy Birthday highly esteemed Secretary General, Loveworld Nation. #PKAY2211 #PKAYLIQUIDLOVE #CEUTRECHT

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