ZACHS ABI (CE BONABERI CHURCH 3): Gloryyyy vision 400 mode activated on KingsChat Web

Gloryyyy vision 400 mode activated live @CE Bonaberi #ewcavz4 #cebonaberi #vision400 #globalsoulwinning

Gloryyyy vision 400 mode activated Gloryyyy vision 400 mode activated Gloryyyy vision 400 mode activated Gloryyyy vision 400 mode activated


#Vision400 Did you know...??? ...that you can also participate in today's global soul winning day and make Vision 400 a reality by using your smartphone or tablet, and social media to reach out to someone and win souls for Jesus? So go ahead and share the gospel to your world on your social media profiles. Inbox that friend and chat to them about Jesus. Send an email and win someone to Christ. Let's go........!!!!!!!!

EAVZ3SWD@ CE Mukono A soul has been added to us

Soulwinning at Agboju Market Ojo Lagos...the harvest is indeed ripe... #WorldSoulwinningDay #LagosZone2

There is celebration in heaven every second, minute in heaven today. #eavz3swd

This is the right time to be alive #eavz3swd

What an opportunity to change life.. #blwglobalsoulwinningday #ss2vz1 #teamcalabarrocks

Global soul Winning Day A Visit to Capitol Hill Clinic A massive evangelism campaign across the city has begun as members of the Zone go into every man's world with the saving message of the Gospel contained in BLW Ministry Materials. Earlier today, a delegation from CE St. Mary's visited the patients and staff of Capitol Hill Hospital, leading many to Christ. Stay tuned for more stories of Soul Winning Exploits! #WorldSoulwinningDay #cewarrizone #followpastorchris #cewarrizoneGSWD

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