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It is an indisputable fact that,the one man who was foreordained before the beginning that began was made manifest in the fullness of this day.whereby power gave birthed to power and grace gave birthed to grace and the cosmos began gaining his salvation till today. Happy day sir

It is an indisputable fact

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Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

He shows the Northern leaders the way. Wow! Happy birthday dear Pastor Sir #CEKANO #POO #A29 #NNWVZ2

Updated his profile photo

Happy Birthday Dearest Brother Chota. You have an excellent spirit that is full of the eternal deposits of God's goodness, graces, perfections and beauty. You function with the light of God's word today and always. Enjoy your special day and Year of Lights. God bless you mightily

#highlights THURSDAY MORNING @ STAFF CHAPEL EMPOWERMENT THURSDAY! CE WMC staff Choir ministering and declaring “GOD IS BIGGER THAN THEM ALL" .... Experience the moment! #BlueElite #WarriMinistryCentreStaffChapel #warriministrycentre


When he holds this object He transports people to spiritual dimensional bus stops. Sorry Spirit zones.. He doesn't know stop... Happy birthday dear Pastor Sir #CEKANO #POO #A29 #NNWVZ2

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