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Happy birthday my life coach! A man sent from God. I love you Sir #LoveworldKenya #campusministryrocks

Happy birthday my life coach! Happy birthday my life coach!

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Happy birthday to my lovely daddy who taught me how to be more than a conqueror how to be an overcomer. How to live successful onto always. Thank you daddy #dec07 #durban #sazone2

Happy birthday Pastor Sir. I love you so much sir. Thank you for changing my life with the Word of God.

Thank you for bringing to me God-humor and love with the word of grace. I appreciate, celebrate and love you, sir. Happy birthday, Pastor! #PAOTHESAGE

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The first time we met Sir, one of the things you told me is "Sister Chidi you are starting a cell". It was the first cell in CE Queens at the time and number 1 cell. Years later in CE Brooklyn my cell is still number 1 Top cell. Thank you sir for investing in me 💜💃 #PAOTHESAGE

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Updated his profile photo

Pastor I love you. Thank you for EVERYTHING. Happy birthday Pastor Sir. #dec7

He taught me to be not to be lazy to talk my way out of trouble . Love you daddy #dec07 #durban #sazone2

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