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My Strategy for moving forward

My Strategy for moving forward

Thanksgiving is a thing of the Mind #thanksgiving #cewarrizone #cewzch3 #ceiyara

Happy Birthday to my lovely wife, you're a virtuous and loving woman, I love you more!🎉🎂🎉🎄👍💕

Happy Birthday Pastor Tola. Your life is for God's glory and it will continually flourish in an ever increasing measure. I love you.

It's been a great honour & privilege #partnering with the #Ministry dis year. Glory to the Lord of the Harvest! #Partnership #PartnerForLife

updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Thanksgiving is an act of Reverence #thanksgiving #cewarrizone #cewzch3 #ceiyara

In this year of Spreading God has been faithful. So I have set my heart to thank him with my voice and my substance. Thank you Jesus.


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