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Celebrating the Best and Excellent Boss #ppn2404 #cegbagada #celagoszone2 #goldencelebrationofGod'siconofPerfectionism!

Celebrating the Best and Excellent


Happy Perfection birthday Pastor Sir .As you continually to increase in God's grace and knowledge of his word.Thank you sir ,for blessing us always with the unchangeable word of God!!!

Balogun James


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#Dimensions #blwsazoned #campusministryrocks #Zimbabwe-Zambia-Malawi

Happy Birthday to my Esteemed Sub-Group Pastor; my Mother, My Coach and Mentor.You are Beautiful on the inside and outside ma.I celebrate you today and I love you so dearly ma. Happy Birthday ma.

Friday@ROR teaching @April24 ...When you move, it’s God moving in you. Your hands are His hands, and your fingers His fingers; you’re immersed in Him, and He in you. Through you, He expresses Himself—His life, nature and character. Hallelujah..... #ROR #Cebarking

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Thank you my Teacher if the Word

Thank you Pastor Chris for being the best world author. #worldno1author #virtaulreadingparty #sez2

It’s just about time!!! #PJA425

Happy Birthday Dearest

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Happy Perfect Birthday Dear Esteemed Pastor Sir, May your light continue to shine and your brightness manifested in all ramifications. You will enjoy God's special grace in this new chapter of your life. Congratulations Pastor Sir. I love you expressly Sir

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