Christ Embassy Kenya Zone: #Photospeaks 😊Highlights of Our Online on KingsChat Web

#Photospeaks 😊Highlights of Our Online Couples Classique with Our Highly Esteemed Zonal Director #cekenyazone #couplesclassique

#Photospeaks 😊Highlights of Our Online #Photospeaks 😊Highlights of Our Online #Photospeaks 😊Highlights of Our Online #Photospeaks 😊Highlights of Our Online #Photospeaks 😊Highlights of Our Online

Happy Birthday Dear Esteemed Pastor Elizabeth with shouts of joy and lots of love! Thank You for always loving, caring and giving. Thank you for your heart of compassion and care for all our children at The InnerCity Mission. Pastor, I love you very dearly⚘⚘❤😍

This is a kind reminder of the meeting we’re having with *Damusic* tonight 08:30pm GMT+1 (my success story) on free call conference Don’t miss it for anything and also come prepared *link to participate*

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BELIEVE THE TRUTH ALWAYS - PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth (John 17:17). One of the easiest ways a Christian can yield to demonic influences is by believing and acting upon lies. For instance, you received the Holy Spirit by receiving the truth of the Gospel of Christ. You received Christ when you believed God's Word; He didn't come into you because you ate or swallowed anything; it happened through words. You believed and accepted the words of the Gospel, and Christ took up His abode in your heart. Similarly, demons take up their abode in people when such people accept and believe lies. When Satan entices people with lies, he comes through those lies into their lives and continues influencing them. That's the reason when someone believes a lie, he starts behaving abnormally; be it at home, in church, among his friends or at work. And it all depends on the lie he may have believed and the particular spirit that's peddling that lie. When that spirit gets uncomfortable in such a person, he brings in other demons, and then that person's condition worsens. The worst part is, someone who's been so deceived, even when presented with evidence of truth, still doesn't believe or accept the truth. That's an evidence of its demonic nature. Then others would wonder at his behaviour, and the reason he's become so twisted. It's because an evil spirit has taken over his mind. But as you learn, and live by the Word, you're able to take your stand against satanic influences and manipulations. You're able to judge everything with the truth of God's Word. Don't accept lies. Believe only in the truth. But how can you identify truth? Truth blesses and uplifts. Truth makes you grow, fills you with love, and makes you walk and talk like Christ! Truth promotes you and promotes those who are with you; it doesn't bring confusion, and it carries no hate or bitterness with it. Truth is light. Glory to God! #atmosphereofmiracles #reachout #glorious #campaign #wehavemoved #completeness #liftchallenge #europaforjesus #confession #talkingsession #affirmationtrain #ippc2020 #imcc2020 #excellence #perfection #gospel #alignment #wordalive #supernatural

It was an Unforgettable Easter Sunday service indeed at CE LCC6 church.. Thank U Lord for a very successful programme.. I love my choir... We are d best in d ğŸŒŽ #celz1lmam #lcc6groupchurchchoir #championschoir #celcc6 #celz1 #celagoszone1 #monthoftruth

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Sinach Live in Concert today, 1pm EST, 6pm GMT+1 Join on YouTube channel:

Meatballs in a Creamy Coconut Sauce- Lip smackingly delicious. DM us or Call 08068022582 to order Bulk Home Cooked Meals, and for enquiries about Events and Bookings. #RavineuxCatering #KingschatRecommends #Perfectioninadish

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Still celebrating a woman of God with a heart of gold, a defender of the defenceless, a true daughter of pastor Chris. Thank you for your deep love for my family. Thank you for all you have done for me. May God bless you and grant your hearts desires. Happy birthday Ma.

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