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On Nov. 2019. I had a fatal accident with my wife & 3 other friends on our way2 zppc just few weeks before our traditional marriage. I was sick then but God saved us, heal me & gave me victory death. In 2020 I wrote this HEALING SONG "ALL FOR ME."

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Changing lives at the Kisseman market. #globalcellministryoutreachweek #ceaccraghanazone #celaa #Magnificentpcf

It's day 8 of an exposé on grace.. The message is : Authority in The Name of Jesus Im from the government of heaven Jesus has the biggest name It doesn't matter what rule has been made,Jesus is seated far above every rule and ruler Jesus died for me, so I, I live my life for Him #anexposéongrace #mymonthofgrace #watchonpcdltv #CEAlmereNetherlands #WEVZ1


Happy birthday to one so SPECIAL..You have raised so many soldiers for the Ministry of which I am one. Today I celebrate your dynamism, ingenuity, your passionate commitment to Pastor and the Ministry...cheers to a year of greater glory in Perfection, I love you always 😍❤ #PC25

We are making great progress! 20m copies of ROR a reality! #peeayforever #cephzone1 #rhapsodyofrealities #cephzone1rhapathon

🚨 🚨 PROGRAM ALERT 🚨 🚨 Legacy Youth will be holding a program called “No limit” this program will be shedding light on our just concluded ITPLC IYC. #CECanada #CEDonValley #Legacyyouthcedv #Legacyyouth #TeensCan #itplciyc2021

#ropcFeb21: Time to set new records!!

Celebrating Grace. Celebrating Beauty,. Celebrating God's Glory, Celebrating Global Impact, Celebrating result. Celebrating Productivity, Celebrating Influence Celebrating A Life Changer. Celebrating A True Champion. Celebrating Dad Celebrating The Super Man PC2502

The next big thing #GOYFC CE new Benin teens/youth church.

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