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Annual Thanksgiving

As we pray and fast with the Man Of God, listen to the voice of the spirit... God is always talking don't gibe to any form of distraction! #GlobalPrayerandFasting #GatheringSheaves #PastorchrisGeneration

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Brethren be strengthened If you can succeed in day 1.means you can succeed till the end..more grace

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Tasha Silver : From The Club To The Pulpit! Watch today's episode of High Definition showing now on LoveWorldSAT, as Natasha Silver, AKA “Tasha Silver" shares with us her story. Watch LoveWorldSAT on: www.loveworldsat.org/watchlisten/live-tv


If you are in step with the world, you are out of step with God. Stay connected to your source. #DAY2 sonesis

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