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Perception: Covid:19 or Covik: 1-9? Final part The big problem here was that we stuck to our own perspective of the issue. Here was someone telling us the matter with “insider information” and we were refusing to listen. It suddenly hit me “I do not always have the final answer on all information. I must learn to open my mind and think”. I thought to myself on how much I had missed by being closed minded. From that day, I started to train myself to ask questions, to probe. To not accept everything verbatim. But... that’s simply said than done. So I have these two lovely kids. Yup love them with all my heart and soul. I passed that mantra of questioning everything to them. Sometimes at my detriment. Me: “Jason don’t give me stuff with your left hand again” Jason: “why” Me (in exasperation): if I slap that your face, you will see if you still have mouth to be asking me why. You will think that’s the end of the matter. 2 hrs later here comes Jason. Jason: “dad, I searched the internet and this practice of no left hands is purely Nigerian. No one seems to have an explanation on why that culture exists. You know I am a teenager right, I always have a phone in my right hand so the free one is the left” My answer was first to shake my head and then calmly explain that for the sake of some Nigerian uncles and aunts, we should respect this culture that has absolutely no meaning. Now you need to meet Christian. So one day, I am taking Christian to school. Along the way, we stopped over to buying fuel. This is in the US. He was on his phone when I pulled in by the gas pump. Me: hey, cut off the phone call. Christian: why? Me: what kind of silly question is that. We are at the gas station man! Christian: and so? Me: there is a law against using mobile phones at gas stations. Besides haven’t you seen all those you tube videos about gas stations exploding? He eyes me and reluctantly puts the phone away. A few minutes later, he ambles to my side. “Dad, you know that is a dumb thing to believe right? You at least with all your science background should ask what the connection is between a phone call and exploding fuel stations.” “If there was a connection, trust me we wouldn’t have any fuel stations left. How come you just believed all those you tube videos without asking real questions? You were the one who trained us to ask questions but you seem to be dropping the ball here” He then went on a 14 minutes lecture about phones and fuel and finished it with a lecture on archaic and outdated american laws that have no meaning. At that point, I kinda turned darker from blushing. Yer he was right!! Chai!! How did I miss it? How many times have we blundered by not questioning. Pastor Chris these past two weeks challenged us to think and ask questions. To look beyond the fascia. To look for dots and connect them so as to arrive at a pattern. To understand deeper that what you see isn’t always what is. And boy!! There was a pushback. The fact there was such a huge pushback should tip us off to the fact that there is more than meets the eye. It was so alarming that much of the pushback was coming from within the church. We even had brethren shaking. One thing though is that Pastor Chris has opened our eyes and minds to something new. Many have learnt to question and seek answers. It would never be life as usual again. What about you? Is it Zuma rock or Zuma hill🤪? Sayonara

Perception: Covid:19 or Covik: 1-9? Perception: Covid:19 or Covik: 1-9? Perception: Covid:19 or Covik: 1-9?
Obiamaka Onyebum


#typingwithmyleft Can't forget my argument with Christian on Organic foodstuff. I gave up.

Lucynda Posha


Thank you deep.

Pastor Hogan Bassey


Pastor sir, thank you so so much. My 3 boys were with me during all pastor programs, Asher had been asking who told the whole world to stay at home self? Answer- so that we can stay save. Question- So are we no longer protected again? Well we are still at it😇

Dcns Ajibola CELVZ/ZA5


Thank you Sir for Sharing. Quite thought provoking but resolute this Phase .....( I still have a grin on though 😀)

Pst Grace Joshua


Thank you so much Sir. Children always ask "why" and in teaching children I have come realise that it is not because they want to be rude but simply because they want to understand😄. Thank you Sir for teaching to always ask "why?"

Rev.Ihedi Ogide Echendu PhD


Thanks Pastor Sir, we've been to school again during this Pastor Chris' teaching series. We've been enlightened the more. More grace sir.

Dcn Kayode


Thank you Pastor Sir

Dcns Onyinye Martins Nwachukwu


Wow...Thank you sir!

Perfect, Flawless Sola Owokade


Abi ke. Thank you sir

Mia Williams


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Oshinaike Kayode


Thank you sir Happy Easter sir



Wow! Thank you sir. It's been amazing

Pst Bolanle Golden


Awesome one bro!

Pastor Chyoma


Dear Pastor Tee, your sense of humour is second to none and the amazing thing is there's always a lesson to learn from your communication. Thank you for such a beautiful piece. God bless you

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BABY ZOE 🎂🎂 April 12 Born my 2nd Queen Baby. Happy Birthday Dearest Daughter. Light of the World, Grace Baby, Peaceful inside out, Glory of God, Favour Baby.Rhema Baby sis. Gods wonders shall be heard and spoken of you my Daughter in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. I Love You

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