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Best photo shot for 2019 ❤ #Dubai

Best photo shot for 2019

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Travelers wanted... Visit #ProudlyLoveWorldNation Dont be like UNCLE SAM

Christ Embassy Enugu 1 Fire Conference. Super Session By Esteemed Pastor Vincent Uwechi - Championing Church Growth Through The First Timers Ministry. #PictureHighlights. #WeAreDoingManyImpossibleThings #FireConf2020 #ceenugu1 #sez1

The world is massive... Come explore the world with us this summer... DM for visas

#ProgramReport CE Enugu 1 Fire Conference. The much anticipated Christ Embassy Enugu 1 Fire Conference kicked off on a high note on Monday, 27th January 2020 and it was indeed a time of refreshing, elevation and Impartation. The Fire Conference, which is to run for 5 days, was set on course with the opening address by the Chief Operations Officer of CE Enugu 1, the Esteemed Dr. Chidi Ume, who admonished the delegates present to open their hearts to receive all that God has in store for them and to get ready for the move of God's Spirit into greater realms of glory and perfection. In the 1st Super Session the Esteemed Pastor Vincent Uwechi (Pastor, Airport Road Group) shared passionately on Church Growth through the First Timers Ministry. Following this was the 2nd Super Session handled by the Esteemed Sis Grace Ilechukwu (HOD, Church Growth & Development) who shared on Becoming A Leader. In his message to the eager delegates, the Pastor of Christ Embassy Enugu 1, the Esteemed Pastor Ikenna Chiemeka began to teach on 7 AREAS OF PERFECTION starting with Perfection in the Cell Ministry. Amongst several thoughts shared, he said, every cell leader must have a vision for his cell. Every cell leader must have a vision for retention of members. Retention of members without a vision turns that cell to a detention he said. With such and many more words he admonished the congregation to greater exploits in the cell ministry in this year of perfection. He ended the session with a prophecy given by The Man of God Pastor Chris during the Friday Evening Session of Rhapathon 2020 - WE HAVE COME INTO A SEASON OF GREAT HARVEST. ITS FOING TO BE A HAUL. SO WE HAVE GOT TO LENGTHEN OUR CORDS AND STRENGTHEN OUR STAKES. THE HARVEST COMING IN IS BIG! Day 2 commences 5:30pm today. Glory! #WeAreDoingManyImpossibleThings #FireConf2020 #ceenugu1 #sez1

Happy birthday Exceptional Evang Katty, you are a great gift to Pastor, and the rest of us in the LOVEWORLD Nation From the special ministry of being so caring, to raising the hopes of the downtrodden, homeless, helpless, to giving us the Best Music department from heaven Your grace, innovation and creativity for that department is out of this world I love you dearly my sweet Evang katty and man more years of good music 💕🎶🎶🎶🥁🥁🥁

Christ Embassy Enugu 1 Fire Conference. #PictureHighlights. #WeAreDoingManyImpossibleThings #FireConf2020 #ceenugu1 #sez1

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blessed be God Almighty

This Is WAR!!! Inviting Y'all To: """Youth Conference Port Harcourt 2020""", With Pastor CHIKE UME, 21st February 2020, Abuja Campus, University Of Port Harcourt, CHOBA: 6:00PM TILL DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #VarsityRockers #LWZoneH #YCPH2020 #BLWCampusMinistry #CMDIsFire #TeamPMB

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