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Success is not a miracle or accidental. "But the application of revealed principles and means" Pastor Chris Dsc .DD. The below picture shows our previous Cell Ministry day membership in March this year and the just concluded one Sunday June 16th... God's GRACE at work in us!

Success is not a miracle

Happy Birthday sir

كم باقي على الرواتب ؟

Sa Zone Rocked 16 June with Rocks of heaven. This was my best every youth day. This it how it must be done Holy Ghost party. #LWSAZone #blwsazone

Celebrating our beloved Sister Edith Godswealth on this auspicious occasion. Thank you for your commitment to the vision of our man of God through the years. We love you. Happy Birthday!!! #Lgzone5 #ceogombo #grace #light

بنات مابدش البرنامج كل شوي معلق لما يصير تحديث الجديد ويتعدل بدش

Happy Birthday sir. We love you big sir.

The wisdom of God is at work in me today! It’s heard in my voice and seen in my actions! #CEUKZONE3

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

صباح الخيير يا جميليين❤️❤️

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