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Did you know it only takes 7seconds to make a first impression of you?πŸ€” Full clip here: OR Special thanks for your Likes, Comments, Shares, Subscription. THINKTANKWITHLAURECHE #59 #addingvalue #makingimpact

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The Celebration is still on πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ #pa2111 #hbdpastorandy #celebratingfather #cedurbangroup #cesazone2

Good Morning Saints, It’s Prayer time, Please Login with the link below as we make power available. Password- *pray* God Bless You

The Celebration is still on πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ #pa2111 #hbdpastorandy #celebratingfather #cedurbangroup #cesazone2

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My Father Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome, Im forever grateful to God for aligning my path to come in contact and to abide with our great general When God wants to bless He gives words through His prophet nd sir the word has been given so much of it, and we'll never be a waste of capital

All that Christ has invested in me I will yield the fruits above and beyond. As you lead the end time army sir we are ever loyal, ever committed. In a year that everyone thought was a wasted year. See what the Lord did! Indeed their is no wisdom or counsel against the Lord.

The Bible says this gospel shall be preached to the ends of the Earth, then shall the end come and pastor Sir because of your investment in me, I'm not just a part of this but a limit breaking part

Happy perfected birthday to my highly esteemed Pastor Peter Odaba, Thank you Sir for saying yes to the Lord we love dearly

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