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Happy birthday dearest Pastor Euginia. Always showing kindness with a beautiful smile. The Lord keep blessing and increase you ma. I love you.

Happy birthday dearest Pastor Euginia.
Pastor Euginia Lolomari


Amen thank you Sis Maria. God bless you richly.

Thank you kindly for your support and love to the innercity kids. #blwchurchwoji #blw2ndtierchurchzone #Peehenry

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Ballon d'Or 2019: Messi, Ronaldo & Van Dijk set to head up list of 30 nominees The Barcelona star is expected to go head-to-head with his old foe and the new pretender once again for the right to be crowned best in the world

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#PRAYINGNOW🛐@10pmGMT🇦🇪 #PastorChrisLive...! #enter2019withPastorChris #PstChrisInUAE2019 #MEASIA #CEAbuDhabi-1🇦🇪 #CEUAE🇦🇪 #NewOutreaches #RORReachOutPhilippinesOct2019🇵🇭 #NewGraces #NewRegionsOfTheSpirit #MyMonthOfMINISTRY!

Happy Birthday Sir. I love you Sir. #pastoremekaeze2019 #celagoszone2 #havenZA4

IMPACT REPORT! A few weeks ago, the German Embassy in Ndjamena collaborated with CE Chad to sponsor 80 Children as part of our ICM back-to- school campaign. Today, at an inspiring Session, the Charge D'Affaires was present to hand school materials to the Children as the parents and teachers watched. Hope has been restored to these children, and their future is bright. We are grateful to our dear Man of God for the vision of the ICM and many platforms to demonstrate the pure love of God. There will be more. #CECHAD #CGI #ICM

As those blessed words kept coming forth, our hearts were glued and captured by the revelations from the word about God's blessings for us.. "there's such a blessing called supernatural wisdom. Wisdom is a force, it propels you to do the right things the right way and get the desired result. Prov4:3-9" #Cephzone2 #DOB #NOBPHZ2

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