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Have you added a new
Pastor Laolu





Wow! What an opportunity

I celebrate the life of God in me. #JesusBabe #Pastorchrisgeneration Happy Birthday to me

We have been justified freely (without cause), you did not have to do something about it to make it happen, it was by the grace of God, you were born righteous

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Happy birthday Pastor ma, Thank for your exemplary Leadership, your love for the brethren and your invaluable contributions to LMP and the body of Christ as a whole. Working with you is an amazing opportunity which I don't take lightly. I love you so much ma.

My work is to bring forth the will of the Father and when I pray, it is to enforce and execute His will

Happy birthday Sir

Happening Now > MIDWEEK NOON SERVICE HIGHLIGHTS. 💥💥💥🗣️🗣️ Ongoing Book Review (How to make your faith Work). By the esteemed Dcn Sunny Boyo. A big thank you to our Dear Man of God Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome for blessing us with this life transforming book 📙. We love you dearly sir. It's indeed our month of TRUTH.. #cebeninzone1 #ceerediauwa

Jesus was born again when He was raised from the dead and that is where the Church came out of He came up with a new life and every one of us who believe in Jesus Christ, came from that resurrection In the mind of God, when Jesus was resurrected, you resurrected in Him

When Jesus died everybody died. #ExposeonTruth #HappeninginApril #A21DayStudy #watchonpcdltv #cekuwadzana #cesazone5

Your past died with Jesus because when Jesus died on the cross, the whole world died in Jesus, but by His resurrection, all men should have life

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