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Faith doesn't say I've tried, it obtains. It has received already. wen faith receives it, it doesn't wait 4 physical manifestation. -RevTom

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No one knows. . .

"Are you really acting in faith. If you have plan B, you don't have faith..." -Rev Tom #IPPC2016

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"Faith that has integrity will not let you down. Structural integrity of your faith gives you peace..." -Rev Tom #IPPC2016

HBD Pst Tosin!Always full of smiles &ever ready 2 help..Tnx u for all u do in OCEO&in D Ministry at large..keep on moving forward! I love u

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Roll Up Your Sleeves in Service The International Day of ServiceĀ is a special day set side by our BLW Nation when each member, partner and friend of our great ministry gets to give a gift to ourĀ  Man of God -Ā Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome DSc; DD by rendering acts of service and kindnessĀ as an individualĀ to someone in their sphere of contact in honor of our father. This year, it isĀ scheduledĀ to hold onĀ Saturday, December 3rdĀ 2016. SIGN UP TO SERVE TODAY!! Log on to www.dec7.org/day-of-service/register-service #CEABAKALIKI #BLWINTERNATIONALDAYOFSERVICE #IDS

Celebrating a rare gem....

"As you build your faith strong, it will not fail. You're ready for explosion. Ready for bigger opportunities" -RevTom #IPPC2016

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