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Updated her profile photo

Updated her profile photo

The Lord is my shepherd, I have no lack in life, the world belongs to me, I'm tremendously graced. Hallelujah

I have divine favour and wisdom..I am a light to my generation, an helper of men..the Lord is helping me in this!! #mydeclaration

My life is full of power, splendor, glory. I got too large money. I have wealth untold. Divine favour is mine #mydeclaration

I declare that I work in the fullness of the wisdom of God in all things. #Mydeclaration

I declare that d City of Irving n beyond have been delivered to me, d souls n wealth therein. The Word is prevailing in her. #Mydeclaration

I declare that I have Supernatural supply, strength ability. insight, wisdom, knowledge and health. In Jesus name amen. #mydeclaration

Predestination is at work in my life! God has the right people at the right time and place to help me. #Mydeclaration

#Prayingnow #Nigeria #Cewarrizone

I am the seed of Abraham, the city of the living God and I am spreading forth through prosperity. I affirm that I am financially buoyant.


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