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This has been an extraordinary Month of Increased wealth!!! im thanking my God all the way.

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Awesome God, how great thou art. BREAKING NEWS: An extraordinary activist has been born into our great nation. Massive congratulations to our highly esteemed Pastors Biodun and Lisa Lawal. Thank you for giving us an ardent soulwinner and giver. We praise God and rejoice with you. We love you sir and ma!

We welcome our Royal Baby to the glorious BLW Nation!!!Congratulations Pastor Sir and Pastor Ma. I'm super excited. Dancing mood activated.

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Celebrating the victory of the Word. Glorrrrrrrry to God. Congratulations Pastor Sir! I love you.

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Congratulations to Esteemed Pastor Biodun and Pastor Lisa on the arrival of your baby boy!! Praise God !!! He did it again!!

The glory keeps increasing.............. #generationpresent

Congratulations. Our God is awesome and our mouths are filled with laughter and our hearts with Joy. congrats Pst Biodun And Lisa Lawal.

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