SUPERMAN: Pastor TT hahaha this is on KingsChat Web

Pastor TT hahaha this is too much,l love you Pastor. TT#cegwandazone5

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Pastor TT 😍😍😍

Happening now I'M 2016 gloraaay #ewcavz4 #cebamenda #Ebenimc206

Thanks for the inspiration ma. This is a call to greater responsibilities


Celebrating Excellence.

Now we are taking 1 key higher Pastor TT on the decks #DJ Pastor TT # ICLC 2016 Hast tag

Lambano. Take it #ceaccraghanazone

Wooww... Booming! Opening Act at IMC July 2016.Thank you Holy Spirit, Thank you Pastor Chris, Thank you Pastor Rita. I am very grateful.

My Daddies , they are just the best fathers, Congratulations Pastors Steve and Ernest on your ordination. Love you lots

Congratulations pastor Sam Ogbogu on your ORDINATION as a pastor in the BLW nation. #cewarrizone #ceugolo

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