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YOU CAN HAVE A GREAT DAY TODAY 1. Write out a basic plan for the day: Evaluate and prioritize today's activities in the order of their reward and benefits to you.                  2. Concentrate on those activities that produce quality results.                               3. Give total attention to the task at hand.                           4. Be sensitive to the schedules of others.          5. Remember to appreciate someone for something today. Make someone glad, it will relax your nerves and gladden your spirit.               6. Give the Holy Spirit time of fellowship and consultations.                                      7. Make sure your activities all focus on the achievements of your greater goals. Share your thoughts...


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Bishop!!! Na only you waka come???

forgiveness is a marvelous tool for your own happiness.. it promotes peace and love ..😁😘🙌☺

My monthly data Subscription must count for the gospel. #appambassadortraining #cewarrizone

Happy birthday to the Best Dad. I love you so much

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Current Situation: 》EVANGELISM IN PROGRESS Target: 》Brothers Only! Current Score: 1/10 9 more to go! Patience of Hope @ Work Seeking d lost

Happy birthday Pastor Sir.

Oh who can tell how far I can go through seeing the unseenon EASTER FIESTA!!!! thank you Sir #cebeninzone3#BNZONE3EASTERFIESTA

Happy 65th birthday Daddy, You're an epitome of humility, excellence and God's love.

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