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Updated his profile photo

Anticipating the LPC with our Man of God Pastor Chris in South Africa this month of September ,it will be a great time of Refreshing are you Ready ????

Updated his profile photo

CEkaru HolyGhost headquarters, the wealthiest, the biggest, most influential zone and its environment will never remain the same. #totalexperiencekaru #cekaru #ceabujamincentre #RevTomInKaru

SUPERABUNDANT GRACE CONFERENCE 2018 WITH PASTOR AMAECHI DAY 1 NUGGETS FROM PASTOR AMAECHI'S TEACHING: ● God is able to make all shades of grace come to you. ● He has given us power to generate wealth. ● The son of God means God in flesh. He dwells in the unapproachable light. All angels see everytime they lift up their head is His ever-increasing glory and bow in worship and they keep doing this for eternity. ● God speaks his own language, not the language of man. ● The power of the highest is hovering over us with the word. When God speaks, His word has creative ability. ● He calls out light out of darkness. Out of that hopeless situation, He calls out solution. ● Mary's response was " be it unto me according to Your Word." By the Word of the Lord, you are receiving a change tonight. You are breaking that cycle of poverty in your families. That condition that has broken you in months...solution has come. Mary kept the word in her heart...that's where you should keep the Word. Keep a date with us tomorrow by 4pm for the 2nd day of SAGC2018 CE Rumuodara #SAGC2018 #CEPHZONE1 #CERUMUODARA #THEHAPPYCHURCH

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#totalexperiencekaru #cekaru1 #ceabujamincentre #RevTomInKaru

50 Reasons Why I ❤️ MY Reverend Ken 7 Pastor’s humility, liquid love and kindness is exemplary!! #RenKen918 #Cecanada

There is none like you sir! #RevKen918 #CANADA

[9/10, 9:29 PM] Chuksmoney: [9/10, 9:29 PM] Chuksmoney: This is touching, can't afford to miss it.

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