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Updated his profile photo

Today we are praying for Salivation of souls/healings/miracles & success of our publicity Strategies. #ufeuzebu #silukomodel #cebz3

Super Sunday at christembassy new jersey was unforgettable. Thank you pastor Chris for giving me a platform to preach the gospel.

Good morning every one. Sure u had a pleasant night rest. Join us once again today as we pray for ufeuzebu #ufeuzebu #silukomodel #cebz3

Flourishing with my daily devotional.. #me&myrapsody #EAVZ3

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31st march 2017 mujje tulumbe

This year I flourish with tongues. I am refreshed,improved and sensitive to God. My faith is purified. #blwkenyazone #blwjkuat

INSIGHT:Mystery is taken away when knowledge ( the light of God's Word) arrives#cesazone5#flourishing#monthofinsight

God is gracious and kind.

updated his profile photo

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