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I received the Glory of the resurrected Son of God! When John saw my Lord on His throne radiating different colors; he described my current state. I am a new creature. I never existed before. #CESAZONE4

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I truly didn't Know this was a place of Christ but u can video call with your love ones and friends

Arabic refugees in my cell group in the FCG church Regensburg Today's ROR reading and prayer. #THESAVIOR #Arabic #ROR #Evangelism #Germany

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Celebrating a kingdom activist and influencer. My Esteemed Zonal Pastor.. It's an honour to celebrate you today sir. #VISION25 #PJA #celz4

La Conférence Internationale des Pasteurs et Partenaires arrive dans ta ville. Yesssss #ZONALIPPCBERLIN #IPPCINYOURCITY

Celebrating a man full of love and faith. Thank you for raising me in ministry, teaching, guiding and rebuking. Thank you for teaching me how to love Jesus intentionally. God bless you abundantly sir, for setting me on this course of greatness. I love you forever & more #Vision25

Wow today is the birthday of my father,pastor and teacher,Happening live at Christ embassy u turn, abulagba, lagos nigeria,we celebrate you our super star number one my hero and my father I love you daddy #vision25 #celz4

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