Lynnglobal: I can cook with eyes on KingsChat Web

I can cook with eyes closed #theblessedone #ChefLynnglobal #cesazone1 #FALF

I can cook with eyes

DAY 2 LIVE FROM THE #gylfnorway Induction #happeingnow #impactwithpastorchris

DAY 2 LIVE FROM THE #gylfnorway Induction #happeingnow #impactwithpastorchris

The works of my blessed hands. Pastor Chris fruit that's me. #cesazone1 #creative #cheflynnglobal

Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor Sir, your life has been an immense blessings to so many of us. This new year is 10 in 1 for you sir. I love u

Pastor Sir!!! You have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this. Glory!! Happy Birthday Sir!!

Happening now . Reach out Canada 🇨🇦 2018. We must be NVP in God kingdom . Make an impact by giving your money , your time for evangelism.

I celebrate you Sir! A Hero & a Loving Father. Thank you always Sir!!! HBD Sir!

More pictures of Professionals Outreach Program held on Saturday 19th May.We are Winning them, Building them and Sending them! #PROFESSIONALSOUTREACH #CERUMUODARA #CEPHZONE1

Thankfulness! Gratitude! HBD sir!!

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