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#cebz3womensconv #cebeninzone3

#cebz3womensconv #cebeninzone3 #cebz3womensconv #cebeninzone3 #cebz3womensconv #cebeninzone3

#YouAndYourHealth In you and your health today, we'll be considering the subject of "BREAKFAST: An Important Start For Every Day" Most people know they shouldn't skip breakfast, but many don't know why. You probably had your mother tell you every morning, “Eat your breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day.” Well, the notion that breakfast is an all-important meal isn't just a parental device to get children to eat, it is actually true. The body 'fasts' every night, and after about 12 hours without food, you need to replenish your energy supply. The term #breakfast is used because this is the first meal after the long night hours. It is essential to ensure you have breakfast every day, below are some of the benefits of breakfasting: 1. BREAKFASTERS ARE SMARTER. People who eat breakfast are more likely to do better in school or at work; hunger can be distracting, so the level of concentration is higher when you are well fed. Thus, your mind is sharper and you are better at problem-solving. 2. BREAKFASTERS ARE HAPPIER. Generally, most people who skip breakfast tend to be cranky and uptight in the mornings. Food boosts feelings of wellbeing and makes you happier, particularly when the food is high in carbohydrates. 3. BREAKFASTERS ARE HEALTHIER. Especially for children, skipping breakfast may cause deficiencies in nutrients such as iron, fiber, calcium, potassium and vitamin D. Also, people who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight or obese as they are more likely to participate in physical activities and less likely to stock up on junk food. Little wonder most dieticians and weight-loss experts advocate the importance of breakfast. While any breakfast is better than no breakfast, it is important to keep your breakfast choices healthy. In order to get the most nutritional value and a daily healthy start, there are a variety of food groups you should pay attention to while preparing the ideal breakfast, these include: a. Carbohydrates/fiber (whole-grain cereals, breads and muffins, brown rice, whole-grain fruits) b. Protein (low-fat or non-fat dairy products, lean meats, eggs, nuts [including nut butters], seeds and cooked beans) c. Vitamins (fruits and vegetables) Although it is generally accepted that breakfast is important, many still skip the meal, either because they sleep and wake up late; or because they think it will keep them slim; or there simply isn't time to prepare breakfast every morning. The following are tips that will help you get set for breakfast every day, even when you're in a hurry: I. Fill your kitchen store with healthy breakfast choices. II. Start preparations from the night before (e.g. ready the tools, mix the pancake batter, etc.). III. Have quick and easy takeaway alternatives for really busy mornings Adhering to the simple code of the breakfast rule is one easy but vital step towards overall better health for your family. So get in the habit of giving everyone a healthy start for every day. We trust you've been duly informed? So what's your favourite Breakfast ☺? Source: The Healing School Magazine, January 2017 Edition. Download the Healing School Mobile App and get your copy of the magazine. www.blwghanazone.org #blwghzone #flourishing #yclagos

As we pray Glory we rain heavily upon us.we are flourishing. we rainout evil men by the power of the Holy Ghost Amen. Eseigbe


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Wow! Happy Birthday Sister IZ...its your season of flourishing on every side! Congratulations! #Ugboworocks #Cebeninz3

Dominate in all aspects of life wit this excerpt Sun Service wit Pastor Chris. Get d full story on LoveWrld News at http://lw-news.com/fw5m1

Daily Prayer Reflections "Yes, You can make a fire. Let me tell you something about that kind of prayer. When the fire starts, there is urgency, your words becomes fast, Your spirit becomes quick. Fire never burns slowly, Fire devours, the spirit begins to rush the words,the tongue moves faster than you can naturally control. You know fire is burning when you find yourself speaking in tongues so fast, words pours out like water. There is urgency. When you are making fire, if you hold something it may break. You find yourself roaring when you are making fire in the Spirit. It is not a cool calm prayer you make sitting on a chair. Your life should be a fire place. There are things you hear, you just tell yourself "i'm going to make a fire" There is nothing that you can't change, absolutely nothing if only you will make a decision to do it. If your knees will bend in prayer, you will see the glory of God" ----- Pastor Chris Culled from 4 Important Virtues #PastorChrisontveverywhere #PastorChrisonradioeverywhere

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Happy birthday to our amiable Dcns. Amaka of d Most High. I celebrate your passion & life of giving. You're a true blessing. #DcnsAmakarocks

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