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Thank you MAN OF GOD ❤️❤️❤️we LOVE YOU so much Pastor JR JELLA WOJACEK👑👑👑

Thank you MAN OF GOD

Celebrating Grace Happy birthday Sis Obiamaka Onyebum. Thank you for who you are, a woman with the heart of Gold. I Love You. #Gold #Ceo

You are a virtuous woman in every correct application of the phrase. I'm more grateful each day that I have you in my life. #PBoss2706

Its my birthday, lord I give u praise fr yet another year gloryyyyyyy

Celebrating a Jesus Addict, My music man, full of the Holy Ghost. chai devil is in hot soup.

If God is going to bless your business, He will bless you first say Pastor Lanre.

BUSINESS SEMINAR WITH REV. TOM DAY 2-ESTEEMED PASTOR LANRE ALABI Never fret or be envious of the unbeliever. Never seek to be like them or reduce your standard to become like theirs. Instead intercede for them. God knows the world you live in is dark, but you are a burning and shinning light. Phil 2:15- ' Never be under pressure to be like them. Among them you shine as light! Let righteousness dictate and dominate within your sphere of influence. Overtime, it will spread. Cleanse the industry where you are. Be the one that stands out. Don't begin to conform like Lot because life is spiritual. If you stand your ground in a perverse world, there will be grace for you.God is counting on you. Don't let your inspiration end only in church. Take the inspiration to your place of work. Observe our trajectory as a ministry. .......we are always moving foward. Your testimony should not be different. Whatever the scale of your business, the direction 'we' go should be the direction your business goes. If it doesn't happen it means that 1) your business is not aligned to the vision and 2) you are not connected to the grace. The grace on us can move your business forward.

updated her profile photo

updated her profile photo

Am full of LIFE#hwapeeceeandcece #blwzonea

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