South East Virtual Zone 1: #ProgramReport. Night of Bliss Enugu on KingsChat Web

#ProgramReport. Night of Bliss Enugu with Pastor Ikenna Chiemeka. Dance, Drama & Spoken Word (3). #NightofBlissEnugu #ceenugu1 #sez1 #Salvation #Miracles #CreativeDynastyAcademy #BeyondTheWrittenPages

#ProgramReport. Night of Bliss Enugu #ProgramReport. Night of Bliss Enugu #ProgramReport. Night of Bliss Enugu #ProgramReport. Night of Bliss Enugu

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

#CellMinistryConference #LWCoventry #UKZ4

Missing this will be like slamming a beautiful door shut. It's not worth it. Register! #Acts29 #FireintheUK #Blwcampusministryrocks

T I E TIE Conference ! Being held in the UK from the 19th-22nd March 2020🔥🚀 #Acts29 #FireintheUK #Blwcampusministryrocks

Happy birthday to my shining star Prince Ivan, may the Lord continue to bless and protect you, you will never be a victim but a victor in Jesus name.

#CellMinistryConference #LoveworldUKZone4 #LWCoventry

Italy to tell people not to enter or leave regions worst-hit by coronavirus The Italian government is poised to introduce tough new measures to try and stop the spread of coronavirus, including telling people not to enter or leave the hardest-hit region of Lombardy, according to a draft decree.

Marnie The Dog, a beloved internet pup, has passed away Marnie The Dog, a beloved senior Shih Tzu, died this week, according to an Instagram post on Saturday from her owner.  "It is with much grief I share the news that Marnie passed away painlessly & peacefully in my home on Thursday afternoon at the age of 18," the post read, presumably penned by her owner Shirley Braha. "Her comfort had been notably declining over the past few days with little hope for improvement and she let me know she had had enough."  Marnie earned viral fame by being absolutely adorable. With her drooping tongue, cocked head, and expressive eyes, Marnie racked up nearly 2 million fans on Instagram. She met countless celebs and even had a book. Read more...More about Instagram, Dogs, Marnie The Dog, Marnie, and Culture

Quarantined Wuhan kids find brilliant way to get out of schoolwork Kids are amazing. Even in, or perhaps especially in, difficult times.  As the world frets over the novel coronavirus outbreak that's killed thousands, children at the epidemic's epicenter found a creative way to get out of doing schoolwork.  A report in the London Review of Books detailed what life has been like in Wuhan, the area in China where the new coronavirus first broke out. Among the harrowing details, there was one lighthearted bit of information.  Schools were shut down as the spread worsened. And the quarantined kids were relieved to be off school ... until they learned an app called DingTalk had been adopted so kids could get lessons and homework remotely. But that didn't stop the children from beating the system.  Read more...More about Apps, Kids, Coronavirus, Covid 19, and Culture

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