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Pastor Says to Pastor Benny Hinn, "Your presence here is based on God's prophetic utterance....You have particularly been a blessing to me. In my quest to learn more about the Holy Spirit, one whom I adored so much, I got a hold of your book Good morning Holy spirit....you changed my world. You made us see the Holy Spirit as a person, friend, lover, giver...one that was sent to be with us.....And your book taught us more than what a thousand teachers could teach us.....I want to thank you for touching my life" . They said I was too much like Benny Hinn...because how could the results be so alike. If they insist that Pastor Chris was of the devil...they'd have a problem.You were like a covering.....Thank you for coming! Everyone join me to welcome Pastor Benny! Pastor Benny says," We meet for the first time....and I say to you, you and I will shake this world. Very few men are declaring the message of the Holy Spirit....He's become unknown and unwanted, but we want Him, Pastor Chris wants Him...He prays! "Pastor Chris will be my friend forever....The Lord says this will be a new beginning for me" #mhis #lagzone2

Pastor Says to Pastor Benny Pastor Says to Pastor Benny

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I love you sir #Pastorchris #anomwithpza #pza #Edonorthandedocentralzone

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HBD to our DEAR Pastor, friend, teacher and trainer.Sir,we join the host of heaven and BLW Nation to celebrate you. #AAGMegaNationLZ1

Hallelujah...I love this. The bible says the fire is not quenched in hell. Jesus said it three times in the same paragraph.

Happy Birthday Sis Abena! @ohpeekay You are the effulgence of God's glory! BLW Exceptionalism at its best! Love you! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #VLadies✌🏽️

What an early bird Birthday celebration bash at PGO's residence with glorifying dancing steps

Reach out 2016 Atakpame

It's a beautiful day with you Lord Jesus! Thank you sir

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